About This Project

Ruggiero Sardano

was born in 1968 in Andria, a small town of Apulia in southern Italy, where he continues to live and work by dedicating himself to the decorative artistic field.

Ruggiero has developed his artistic skills from a very young age attending courses and updating himself on the various expressive techniques of painting in decorative arts.

Over the years, he realizes that he has a passion for the interior decorating: home accessories, furnishings, interior walls and floors.

Ruggiero is one of the first in Apulia to use, in a peculiar way, the resins, for the production of rugs and canvases.

He does not hesitate to expand his field of research in the decoration of furniture, lamps and a varied possibility of wall decoration even in relief.

The materials used to make its works vary from cements, resins, stucco, lime and much more.

Over the last 20 years, his works have been published in several magazines including AD, one of the most famous magazines for interior decorating in Italy.