Is multidisciplinary practice that embraces Architecture, Interior Design and Art all with the same passion.


These are the principles of design upon which GBA & D – DESIGN ROOM is founded.
Our mission is to design and build your idea of space, offering a flexible approach, which responds to the individual preference while always maintaining exacting standards.
We undertake each element of the project from conception to completion, with a constant attention to the client’s need.

We built a “DESIGN ROOM” with highly qualified and experienced architects in constant search of new design challenges. This is why we can ensure that every project will be treated with the utmost care and all the attention it requires.

We only work with trusted reliable and respectful external consultants and contractors that share the same view and passion as us and understand the importance to accommodate changes and demands to improve the final result.

We have chosen to operate in this way so that we can ensure that every element of each project is undertaken by the most suited professionals in the field.

Whether the project is an extension for your family home or the complete redevelopment of a building we will treat it with the same attention to provide the highest standards in design and finishes possible.

Budget and time constrains are always kept at the forefront of the project as we are adept at managing a project to maximize results, no matter the perceived limitations.

We are particularly skilled and enthusiastic in the areas and properties that have specific challenges of design and planningand