About This Project

Roberto Zizza

works and lives in Giovinazzo, in the south of Italy. Training architecture he approached mosaic years later, applying Bim technology to his artistic projects. He actually studies the application of glass materials in architecture and interior design.

Roberto realizes his artwork referring to the Byzantine mosaic technique by applying it to home accessories such as lamps, frames, coffee tables, vases and figures of the animal kingdom, when it was normally used to decorate floors, walls or ceilings.

Paradise Lost is the conscious price we pay to modernity, the myth to justify a ruinous lifestyle blind to Nature, her rules and necessity, the illusion to power every process. Our first Mother look at us with severe and sarcastic love, showing, in the most vivid color of hers, the way to gain her heavenly grace again: just find our inner color the same color of hers, to dress and coming out.