About This Project

Gaetano Borrelli

was born and brought up in southern Italy “Apulia”. He studied as an Architect in Rome where he also worked and lived for 14 years. He has been living and working for about a decade in London, where he has founded and leads GBA & D DESIGN ROOM.

Gaetano is in constant search of new challenges. His work experience embraces Architecture – Interior Design – Art – Antique and Vintage Furniture, all with the same passion.

He brings 19 years of experience in the design and delivery of a range of facilities in the public and private sectors.

His design background includes buildings in healthcare, leisure centre, education, residential and commercial. Mainly focusing on commercial and high-end residential projects, as well as his experience in recycling and creatively rediscovering vintage and antiques furniture as pieces of art.



We did not at first plan to design an installation on a biblical epic.
It just came to us…

“This is the region, this the soil, the clime,

That we must change for heav’n?”

Our Paradise Lost is the Concept of Creation, is the Lab.
We DESIGN a ROOM where to view, to dream, to read, to breathe, to feel, to find, to get Art.

“The mind is its place and in itself

Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”