About This Project

The Challenge
Re-proportioning and strengthening the spaces of modern living in contemporary lifestyle.

A key element of the design was to realise an open space kitchen and living room.
Obtain clean and harmonious and functional spaces free from constraints, this is as requested by the owner.

The switch from modern to contemporary style in this case is brought about by the materials innovation, to update the apartment to the new regulations and satisfy the owner’s needs.

The existing apartment layout is quite satisfactory and functional, it just needs more attention to the details.
Include storage space, kitchen and living room in a single open space plan which would make the room more habitable

The large number of doors and their opening direction greatly compromised the furnishing of the spaces.

By simply moving the bathroom door one metre forward from its original position we get the following:
Incorporate the wardrobe inside the bathroom,
recover space for the door opening
earn more space in the bathroom

Understanding the needs of the owners allowed us to achieve a home which works practically as well as being visually impressive. A clutter free, stylish home which can be enjoyed by all.