About This Project

Marcello Simeone

Artistic career

My creative experience has its roots in the music. The artistic work that I do today is for me a sort of continuation of that undertaken at the age of seven when I started to study piano and which then matured over the years at the conservatory.

Recently, through a sort of linguistic counterpoising, I approached fiber art and started telling objects whose history acts as a stimulus for thought on social, ethical and political themes.

The themes are those of roots and migration, of freedom and misery, of the old and the new (the latter always struggling to make its way), of a living ever more complex and contradictory.

In this perspective, the connection to the land where I was born, Sardinia, takes on an important role. An island that is a borderland between different worlds, different cultures, different peoples. And I watch the metamorphosis in its effort to project itself into the future, although being still hostage to a past that has left its mark on the social and economic fabric.



I like tangling materials, concepts and languages, stack them and transfiguring them to clothe them with new meanings. The idea is that each project always has a linear and inconfutable message within its narrative development.

Composing images using elements that clash is the thing that interests me most.

The irregularity in regularity. The heat and the cold of an emotion. The dual significance of an experience.

The pace of each project stems from the urgency of the story. Once I  have found the idea, I work on impulse. But with patience and perseverance. Because it is with frequent and repetitive gestures that I can sculpt the surfaces and give them a balance that correctly defines the field of view of each actor in the scene.



I mainly use the Sardinian wool, either  carded, spun or in the form of felt and woolen. In addition I use traditional and warm materials that I love to juxtapose to anything I happen to have in my hands and that is capable of evoking a story, an experience, a suggestion. Glass, plastic, metal, wood, polistilene and resins, are some of the materials present in my works. These should possibly be recycled and come from 0 km of distance.