About This Project

Antonio Murgia

was born in 1956, in Sardinia. Italy. He studied Art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. He exhibited in Art Galleries of Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and in the main Italian cities, mostly.

His paintings have been sold all over the world.


The art of Antonio Murgia takes inspiration from Pop.

In the Pop art language, objects and shapes of daily life are emphasized because they are isolated and separated from their original context. And yet Murgia, in this process, channels romantic expressive intensiveness to his works. Face prevails in the composition space. The face only, concentrated on the scene against a backdrop with no natural landscapes as a reference, emphasizes even more the dynamic of representation so that the face itself becomes the expression of a detail. The matter is moving, the vibrant brush stroke and the colour prevail with all of their sensual and frantic power.

The multiple colours seem to speak, act, record the tones of emotions to become supporters of a private and deep expressiveness. With the engaging harmony, he creates between colours and expression, the artist gives overwhelming humanity to the faces. Through great colour bounces and softened shades, the faces are part of a scene reminiscent of the subconscious. The look is dominated by the firmness of the eyes that become languid and seem to project themselves into another dimension, towards an absolutely inner universe. The faces are full of an intense emotivity, which results in high drama that liberates the interior side. In the works by Antonio Murgia, the colour annihilates the conscious personality of its shapes, resulting in the prevalence of subconscious personality made of feelings and thoughts. Every face expresses a precise emotional identity. It is the individual that belongs to the crowd and the artist makes escape from his own context to meet him in an inner state, moving from the world of the spirit to the world of art.

 Art critic Mattea Micello